natural skincare
natural skincare
Eminence Dietary Supplements, Natural skincare and Herbal products Eminence Dietary Supplements, Natural skincare and Herbal products
Dietary supplements, natural skincare and herbal products for sale online
natural skincare
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Herbal remedies
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Important Notes on Herbal Supplements - please read carefully before ordering

  • Herbs are not suitable for use during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding or when attempting conception.

  • Herbal tinctures should not be taken by those who wish to completely avoid alcohol. Herbal tablets are an effective alternative.

  • Seek advice from your practitioner or GP if you are on medication. Some herbs can increase or decrease the action of drugs. Do not use any herbal preparations with anti coagulant drugs (warfarin, coumarin, heparin)or anticonvulsants (anti epilepsy drugs) or anti depressants.

  • It is generally recommended that several different herb teas are alternated to avoid over-consumption and consequent reduction in therapeutic effect.

  • Contact us directly before ordering if you have any queries.

  • This advice is not intended as an alternative to that obtained from your health practitioner. Always seek medical advice for persistent or unusual symptoms.

  • Specific contraindications are mentioned in notes on individual herbs. However, to comply with EU legislation, some herbal tinctures may require the completion of a short e-mail questionnaire.

Herbal remedies
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Herbal remedies
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